Dolphinaris Arizona summer camp kissWith Summer right around the corner, Dolphinaris Arizona is excited to provide 5th through 12th graders the opportunity to get up close and personal with dolphins this summer at Dolphin Explorer Camp. not only will kids have the opportunity to interact with dolphins in the water and from land, but they will also learn about dolphin intelligence and behavior, dolphin care and feeding, physiology, ocean conservation, and more. Dolphin Explorer Camp aims to deepen the respect for dolphins and the natural world, and encourage kids to take actions, large and small, that help conserve our oceans. Students have the opportunity to learn from elite Dolphinaris Arizona trainers whom adhere to the highest national and international standards of dolphin care. Trainers only use positive rewards such as toys and other forms of environmental enrichment to teach animals husbandry and other cooperative behaviors. Kids will get the true dolphin experience, learning and growing in a hands-on environment.

Dolphinaris Arizona summer camp land experience

Camp sessions are from 9AM-2PM Monday through Friday from June 4th through august 24th. The camp includes a land and a deluxe dolphin experience, a dolphin presentation, lunch, a t-shirt, an 8 X 10 group photo and certificate of completion.

Adults have an opportunity to learn as well through any of Dolphinaris Arizona’s experiences. All spring visitors can save up to 30% on water experiences. Visit the Dolphinaris Arizona website for more information.