5 Of The Strangest Things To Do In Arizona You Probably Missed

Arizona is full of captivating historical locations and natural beauty. While attractions like the Grand Canyon remain the tourism giants and dominate the face level of what Arizona has to offer, there is still so much to discover below the surface. Lets take a look beyond the luxury resorts, popular hikes, and historical monuments of the front pages to see what unusual things to do in Arizona can light your adventurous spark.

Things To Do In Arizona | Spend a Night Next to a Titan Missile

What was once a top secret station of the Cold War front line defense is now a one of a kind doorway to an era of extreme political tension and paranoia. Being the last of 54 intercontinental Titan II missiles, this is a unique opportunity to take a look at the technology used to deter nuclear war and what it was like to sleep next to one of these giants.

Find Huge Adventure at the Miniature Time Machine

The Miniature Time Machine was created out of a passion for small things and story telling. This Tucson art/history exhibit features over 400 models that each have their own tales from grounded historical recollections to larger than life fantasies. A trip through hundreds of captivating worlds is sure to be one of the strangest things to do in Arizona.

Witness the Migration of Tens of Thousands of Bats

Who knew the best place to catch the migration of thousands of Mexican Free-Tailed bats would be a flood control tunnel in the heart of Phoenix. Every year 10,000 – 20,000 bats take flight at dusk in an incredible display of nature that few locals even know about. This is an experience exclusive to Phoenix.

Explore Ancient and Modern Musical Marvels

Come visit the world’s only Global Instrument Museum, an attraction unique to Phoenix, Arizona! The Museum allows you to explore it’s 6,500 instruments from around the world at your own pace with the guidePORT audio system and HD displays acting as your personal tour.

See Every Corner of the World in One ‘Under The Glass’ Experience

The University of Arizona’s cutting edge science experiment, Biosphere 2, is shaping the way for a healthier life and a healthier planet. You can explore the many climates of the world in a single destination named one of the “50 Must-See Wonders of the World” by Time Life Books.