Arcosanti, A Beacon of Urban Efficiency

Arcosanti began in 1970 as an experiment from the mind of Paolo Soleri. 48 years later it continues to grow as an example of how to fuse architecture and ecology to make the human carbon footprint as insignificant as possible. You can explore the urban lab in a guided tour or as an overnight stay with free access to much of the labs facilities. There is no other town in the world quite like this Arizona science experiment!

Tovrea Castle in Carraro Heights, Phoenix

Tovrea Castle sits prominently in the heart of Phoenix, and has drawn the curiosity of tourists and locals alike since the 1920’s. Who built it and why? Take a tour through the castle and its 44 acres of desert garden to find out what makes this one of the most intriguing Arizona attractions.

Mystery Castle at South Mountain Park

Located right off of Baseline road in South Phoenix, this mysterious destination makes for the perfect day trip during a city stay. While Mystery Castle may not be so much of a castle as it is a house, what makes it a truly fascinating Arizona attraction is why Boyce Gully abandoned his family and friends to build it.

Unique Arizona Attractions: Bisbee

Bisbee is a small mining town turned historic art community just 90 miles southeast of Tucson. Today it draws tourists from around the world. Comfortable weather, great food, and a creative atmosphere make this old mining town one of Arizona’s most distinct destinations.

Canyon De Chelly at National Monument

People have lived in these canyons for over 5,000 years making it one of the most uninterrupted populations in North America. To this day, Navajo families farm, raise livestock, and build homes here. The nearby town of Chinle makes this an easy destination to visit for families and groups. Canyon De Chelly remains one of Arizona’s most unique attractions.

Horseshoe Bend at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Horseshoe Bend is a small section of the already massive Grand Canyon, but its stunning views of the Colorado river make it a unique Arizona destination on its own. The name is inspired by its unusual shape, and it couldn’t be located in a more convenient area, being only a few miles from Page, Glen Canyon Dam, and Lake Powell!