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Arizona’s Beautiful Places

If Arizona isn’t on your trip radar, it should be. Home to some of the most majestic and stunning natural landscapes and robust dynamic cities, Arizona really does have something for everyone. These beautiful places in Arizona proves that the state shouldn’t just be synonymous with the word “desert.”

Blue Canyon

Located on the Hopi Indian Reservation. Blue Canyon is a remarkably beautiful place in Arizona. White patterned boulders stacked on top of one another give Blue Canyon the feel of being from another world. This remote location is just on the edge of the Painted Desert and makes for a memorable day trip. There are plenty of balanced rocks, thin spires, tiny arches, and hoodoos to delight the geologist in everyone.

Petrified Forest

This is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona and it’s also the best place in the country to see petrified wood. Fragments of fossilized trees from millions of years ago are all preserved here in Winslow. Explore wood that existed when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Part of the US National Park System, the Petrified Forest offers a rare glimpse into a forgotten world.

Meteor Crater

After imagining the lives of the time when dinosaurs roamed. Check out another equally beautiful place in Arizona, located in the same town. The Meteor Crater in Winslow is the world’s largest meteor crater. It stretches one mile across, and you can see the striations made of the meteor impact.

This sunny state offers something for everyone. You’re never going to run out of options for day trips or city stays. There are plenty of well-known landmarks to visit along with unique finds off the beaten path. No matter your interests – archaeology, geology, or astronomy, you’re sure to find everything you want and more with a visit to Arizona.