Complete Your Trip With a Visit to the Best Museums in Arizona

The Best Museums in Arizona | Wander AZThe Best Museums in Arizona

Arizona is the last of the contiguous states to be added to the US. But don’t let its relative newness fool you. Arizona is a state of rich culture and history that few others can match. What better way to explore nature, history, and modern art than with some of the best museums in Arizona.

Mesa Arts Center

The Mesa Arts Center’s architecture is enough of an attraction to get any tourist jittery with excitement. But there is much more beyond the elaborate exterior that makes this art museum one of the best in Arizona. Recognized as an international award-winning venue, the Mesa Arts Center is primarily a theater that showcases a diverse selection of plays and concerts. It also includes five art galleries, 14 studios, and a co-op gallery where you can meet local artists and display your own work. While the Mesa Arts Center may be well known as a concert venue, that certainly doesn’t stop it from being one of the best museums in Arizona.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Arizona’s Sonora Desert Museum is an incredible combination of attractions that make it a renowned site among visitors. It features a zoo, natural history museum, art gallery, and desert botanical garden. It is the perfect reflection of Arizona’s beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife, and native history all in one location. In addition, it is the best place to see free flight raptors in action. The Sonora Desert Museum makes a great visit for families and nature lovers!

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum is a world class attraction that presents the lush history of Phoenix and Native American culture through exhibits, demonstrations, and live performances. This museum puts the respect of tribes and their people’s above all else. During the weekdays you can catch special demonstrations by local artists and representatives of Native American communities. On the weekends they hold special events like concerts and other cultural activities.

Arizona has much to offer for visitors. Breathtaking views, delicious food, and extravagant entertainment. But few of these things come close to the incredible history behind the last contiguous state of the nation. Squeeze some knowledge into your vacation by visiting the best museums in Arizona.