3 of the Best Restaurants in Arizona That You Can’t Miss

The Best Restaurants in Arizona

Arizona has become a popular tourist destination for many reasons. Great places like Jerome, and attractions such as our hiking scene keep visitors coming back. But possibly the most overlooked of all is the dining experience. Being home to the fifth largest city in the country, Arizona has become a melting pot for all sorts of different cultures. We’ve visited each restaurant on this list keeping variety and affordability in mind, so as not to add every extravagant restaurant in Scottsdale. In addition, we’ve included entries from multiple different cities to keep the list interesting. So here is our short list of the best restaurants in Arizona.


To begin our list, we have chosen Pizzicleta, a 650 square foot pizza joint in Arizona’s coldest city, Flagstaff. This tiny, 15 seat, wood-fire corner is a must visit for all pizza freaks. However, Neapolitan style pies aren’t the only delicacy this unassuming eatery is famous for. A daily homemade gelato menu, and a precise selection of beer and wine make this pizza place one of the best restaurants in Arizona.


Next on our list is a sort of double hitter. L’Auberge de Sedona is a resort and spa located in our famous Red Rock City. Fine dining and beautiful scenery are the forte of this contender for the best restaurants in Arizona. Taste the talents of renowned chef Rochelle Daniel’s famous French-fusion cuisine among the beautiful creek-side scenery of this resort. This is truly fine dining at its best.

The Asylum

If you’re planning a trip to Arizona, then you can’t miss the vertical ghost town of Jerome. And if you’re an avid food junkie, all the better. The small mining settlement, turned art town, sports one of the most interesting entries on our list. Richard Paische’s ‘The Asylum’ is a Southwestern eatery gone gothic. The creaky floors and haunted name may give off a theme park esque vibe, but the incredible food, stunning view, and world class wine menu make for one of the best dining experiences Arizona has to offer.

That’s Not All

Arizona is a fantastic tourist state filled with wonderful attractions and breathtaking scenery. That’s why it is so unfortunate that its restaurants go overlooked. Many amazing eateries reside here accompanied by some of the best views in the country. However, this list is far from the everything that the best restaurants in Arizona have to offer. Take a look at our travel guide to plan the perfect culinary getaway.