Festivals in Phoenix

Festivals In Phoenix

Sunny days and warm weather. Makes Phoenix an ideal location for festivals all year round. It’s only natural that some of the best festivals in the country happen in Phoenix. From monthly art festivals to the state fair. Festivals in Phoenix have something to offer everyone.

Arizona State Fair

For almost 125 years, the Arizona State Fair has been held in the same location. This festival in Phoenix draws almost twenty percent of the state’s population. Making it easily the most attended in the state. Carnival rides, games, concerts, and plenty of food, this is one of the best festivals for good reason.

Dia de los Muertos Festival

A progressive celebration of the multicultural influences of the region. The Dia de los Muertos is one of the best festivals in Phoenix. The celebration is part of an initiative. Undertaken by The Cultural Coalition. Furthermore the organization whose goal is to keep alive the traditions of the region. The festival features live music, theater, and traditional dance.

Festival of the Arts

Connecting over 100 art vendors with the local community and visitors. In fact this is one of the best art festivals. Cultural organizations and the local poetry scene are well represented at the Festival of the Arts. It’s easy to immerse yourself in creativity. when you attend you even have a chance to let your creativity run freely. Thus with the Phoenix Mural Project (PMP). The PMP encourages local residents to participate in artistic creation. Throughout the city and paint alongside local artists.

Festivals  reflect the dynamic culture. For instance the region and multicultural demographics of the state. It’s all but impossible not to love an area that celebrates art.  As much as it does tacos. That’s one of them any reasons why festivals in Phoenix are some of the best around.