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Flagstaff Nightlife

Rockabilly Country Bars

Once the sun goes down, the Flagstaff nightlife becomes vibrant and exciting. Proving that there is plenty to do when the stars set the stage for evening fun.
Check out the Museum Club for some classic two-step dancing, or stop off at Lumberyard Brewing Company during their country-western nights for some classic honky-tonk sounds. Continue the vibe and head to Rockabilly Country Bar. The newest in Flagstaff nightlife, this bar features country rock and is within walking distance of some of the most popular hotels in Flagstaff. Put your boots on and check out the Billy Bucket special.

Dj Night

If deejays are more your speed, check out The Gopher Hole or Collins Irish Pub to listen to some of the best-kept secrets of Flagstaff nightlife The Uptown Pubhouse has been around for over twenty years. Locals flock to the venue to let off a little steam from the day and enjoy some of the finest whiskey Flagstaff has to offer. Get a meal from Paddy’s Grill, which offers delicious pub food – perfect for those long nights of drinking. Try the Rueben – it is one of the best this side of the Mississippi.

Special Evenings

For evenings that require a little something special, live entertainment options abound. The Orpheum Theater and The Green Room are both intimate live-music venues. At The Green Room, be sure to get there early for the acoustic acts – later in the evening, the stage opens up to deejays and dancing. Monte Vista Lounge features two different bars in the same location, each catering to different age groups. This is the place to go for an evening nightcap because of its selection of liquor and after-dinner aperitifs.

No matter which Flagstaff nightlife venue interests you the most, you are sure to find something fun to do that you will remember for years to come.