Flagstaff stargazing

Flagstaff Stargazing

Recognized as one of the best places on earth for stargazing, there are plenty of amazing places for Flagstaff stargazing. Whether you are looking for a tour of the moon or just some simple meadow stargazing, Flagstaff has everything you need and more.
Anderson Mesa
Located in the Coconino National forest, Anderson Mesa is one of the best places to see stars in Flagstaff. The Naval Observatory’s Navy Precision Optical Interferometer and Lowell’s Anderson Mesa Station are both located here. It is a great place for the technical stargazing enthusiast to check out the night sky.

Buffalo Park

Buffalo Park is definitely one of the best Flagstaff stargazing sites because it is a part of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System. The variety of open meadows and fields makes it the ideal destination for a nighttime picnic. Be sure to bring plenty of blankets to keep warm because you are going to want to stay a while.
Heritage Square
A summer-month visit to the Heritage Square is as great Flagstaff stargazing spot. That is because the Coconino Astronomical Society sets up multiple telescopes on the square for the public to check out the cosmos. Take a tour of the moon and get an up-close view of its mountains and craters.

Lowell Observatory

This observatory was the first to discover Pluto and it features thoroughly detailed guided displays and a guided tour to look at the stars. The best time of day to visit is sunset, not just for the spectacular night views, but also for a picturesque view of Flagstaff as well.
There are not many places that can boast Navy telescopes or public use of high quality astronomical telescopes. Flagstaff is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to take their stargazing to the next level.