Hiking is fun. It gets you out into nature, breathing crisp air, and enjoying alone time or with a companion. These long, vigorous walks for recreational purposes can be taken anywhere. Hikers usually use trails for this; trails are paths, tracks or unpaved roads made solely for recreational purposes.
In Flagstaff trails, accommodate pedestrians, runners, and cyclists.
On the best Flagstaff trails, you can enjoy a leisurely bike ride or an unhurried walk with your friends or family.

Humphrey Peak trail

This is one of Flagstaff trails that is 9.2-miles. It has beautiful flowers and scenery. This trail is only recommended for experienced hikers, as there are a lot of exposed roots and hard rocks on the trail.

When using this trail, be sure to bring along lots of water, hiking poles and water-resistant gear to cope with the harsh temperatures that accompany this high-altitude trail.

Also, ensure that you take snacks and food for energy. You will need durable shoes to protect your feet.
This is one of the most difficult Flagstaff trails for sure. Nevertheless the sights are extremely rewarding and make the hike worth it.

Fatmans Loop trail

In contrast, this 2.4-mile Flagstaff trail is relatively easier than the one above. It has beautiful scenery too, and has some activities, such as camping, that you can enjoy with your friends or family. There is some shade along the trail and dogs are also allowed on the trail, but they must be kept on a leash for the safety of other users.

Red Buffalo Trail

Of the three trails mentioned here, this is the easiest trail to travel. It has little elevation and has well-maintained trails. This trail is in the cinder cone of an extinct volcano. Its towering walls, ancient lava flows, and slot canyons make for a beautiful, yet easy hike.
If you are in Flagstaff or are planning to visit the area, you can visit any of these trails to have a fantastic time.