Haunted Places in Arizona

Haunted Places in Arizona

Some places haunted places in Arizona have a dark past just like most other places in the world.

Tales of gruesome murders, horrifying suicides, and vengeful ghosts who never found peace are part of Arizona’s history.

If you are thinking of visiting hunted places in Arizona, here are some places you can visit which have a horrifying past and \ ghosts that never left.

Northern Arizona University’s Morton Hall

The heartbroken ghost of a girl who hung herself during the winter break in the early 50s supposedly haunts this women’s dormitory that sits on the forested grounds of Northern Arizona University

The stories surrounding the circumstances her death vary wildly. Some say her family abandoned her. Others insist that she had a boyfriend who lost his life in combat.

However, folks blame this apparition for a litany of bizarre occurrences including flickering lights, malfunctioning radio and television sets, and flying blankets.

Oliver House

This homey two-story bed and breakfast dates back to the early 20th century and is infamous for its grisly tales of gruesome murders.

According to local sources, this former boarding house has been the scene of many murders stemming from cases of adultery.

One particular horrifying tale involves a police officer who blew his cheating wife and her partner to smithereens before proceeding to kill a few others throughout the building.

Over the years, boarders at the Oliver house have experienced strange things such as closing doors and windows, footsteps in the hallway and the sounds of gunshots.

Jerome Grand Hotel

This monolithic four-story hotel is famous for stories of specters and spirits that haunt its grounds. This is one of the most spectacular haunted places in Arizona.

It debuted as a hospital in 1927 as a hospital and miners went there after incurring severe injuries. Which they got while digging for copper. Many of them succumbed to their wounds. Many insane people were also brought here for treatments.

After it reopened as a hotel 47 years later, many guests were disturbed by phantoms, cries of distress and unusual screams.

There are many other haunted places in Arizona. You can explore, contact your travel agent, and plan now.