Historical Places In Arizona | Southwestern Culture and Natural Wonder

Filled from corner to corner with history and natural wonder, stunning vistas, and amazingly vibrant cities, Arizona is a premier vacation destination. Small towns dot the landscape and offer unique experiences for visitors who come visit for vacation or a trip into the past.

The Hoover Dam

A cornerstone to any history-themed vacation in Arizona, the Hoover Dam is a must see. Completed in 1935, this amazing structure crosses Nevada and Arizona and created Lake Mead, the largest artificial lake in America. It holds back the equivalent of two years of flow from the Colorado River. The 110-mile long dam is free to hike across, making it an excellent historical place to visit in Arizona.

Jerome, Ghost Town Turned Artistic Hub

If you’re looking for a truly historic experience in Arizona, consider checking out Jerome. It’s an old mining town that’s now a vibrant tourist attraction. Surrounded by steep hills and rugged switchbacks, renovations helped restore the majority of the buildings. Some still stand as ruins, giving tourists a view into one of the most historical places in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon

Of course the Grand Canyon is one of the most well-known historical places to visit in Arizona, drawing countless visitors from around the world. This magnificent place is one of the biggest attractions in America and offers majestic views from the North and South rim. For adventurous travelers, it’s possible to hike into the canyon via established hiking trails. Or, if you prefer a little bit of comfort, consider taking a helicopter tour. As one of the premier historical places in Arizona to visit is the Grand Canyon, which gives visitors a glimpse of the power and beauty of water and time.

No matter if you’ve headed beyond the urban centers of Sedona and Phoenix to venture to explore the cliff dwellings or historic ghost knows, Arizona is home to a world of possibilities for travelers of all ages.