Explore the Huge Variety of Phoenix Wildlife Exhibits in Its Wonderful Zoos!

Enjoy the Wonder of Phoenix Wildlife

Phoenix’s lavish resorts might be the perfect getaway for the summer, but nothing beats spending the temperate winter exploring its natural wonders. There is no shortage of great attractions in Phoenix, and its great zoos and wildlife exhibits are among the best! Phoenix Zoo offers a wide variety of exotic creatures and events that make great fun for the whole family. On the other hand the Wildlife World Zoo offers a more intimate experience with their up close and personal enclosures. We’ll help you plan your trip by giving you the run down on the best Phoenix wildlife attractions.

Phoenix Zoo

Located East of Phoenix in the heart of Papago Park, the Phoenix Zoo is a world class attraction ranking in popularity with even the San Diego Zoo, and others around the globe. For over 50 years it has sparked wonder and imagination in the hearts of people all over the world. Many come for the well kept grounds, clean exhibits, and refreshing restaurants. However, the main appeal is their great variety of exotic animals and events. From the beautiful winter Zoo Lights to the educational Conservation Science Night, Phoenix Zoo truly has something for everyone!

Wildlife World Zoo

In contrast, the Wildlife World Zoo offers a more intimate experience for those looking to get up close and personal. It’s located far West of Phoenix, so this compliments the city well, placing one zoo on each side of town. Attractions like the train and skyride allow you to see the animals from perspectives that other zoos can’t match. There is even an enclosure that you can practically walk through! But, most noteworthy is their excellent aquarium. Many visit the WWZ for its diverse marine life alone.

Don’t let the wonderful winter weather pass you by. Explore the great selection of Phoenix wildlife attractions before swimming season rolls around again. No other city offers the same kind of charm and excitement right at your doorstep!