Sedona Events

Events In Sedona

Sedona events and festivals are a fun and unique experience to add to any Arizona vacation or weekend getaway. To list activities to indulge in all year round that fit all tastes and preferences. For example the landscape locales range from red rocky geography. Also lush fauna and flora for a rejuvenating meditation. For some people, Sedona holds a special place in their hearts. Tourists from all over the world, visit Arizona for events in Sedona. These events make any trip fun, amusing and an extraordinary experience.
Let us a hub of offbeat entertainment of Sedona events.


The universe intriguing and allows us to delve into our imagination and fantasies. The wonders of the stars and galaxies are celebrated at the Sedona Star Party. Come enjoy this magical event usually held every August. Explore the Sedona night skies with telescopes during the free laser constellation tour. Especially don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the Milky Way and planets of our solar system. This is one of the most mesmerizing Sedona events.


To the delight of nature and bird lovers, the Sedona hummingbird festival occurs each August. Founded by the International Hummingbird Society in 2016. Plan to participate in charming and engaging demonstrations. Be apart of our dazzling nature tours of gardens and bird viewing trips. So, celebrate the hummingbird and explore nature in Sedona .


Photography is the art of capturing unique moments forever. To promote and inspire photography, there is a four-day workshop among one of the worlds most beautiful the Sedona scenery. During August, there are motivating presentations and enlightening learning sessions. Bring your camera or iPhone and enjoy the world of capturing images at the photography symposium.

These are only a few of the numerous and delightful events that happen in Sedona.  Check out the others like the Red Rocks Music Festival, Sedona Wine Fest, and the Sedona Art Festival. Plan your trip now and do not miss the magical experience and celebrations of these Sedona events.