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Taco Tuesday in Flagstaff

Taco Tuesday in Flagstaff leaves nothing to be desired. Eateries around town have everything you might want for your taco-indulgences. Check out this list of the top spots for tacos on Tuesdays in Flagstaff.

La Santisimia Gourmet Taco Shop

Hands down, one of the favorites of locals and tourists alike! La Santisimia does not disappoint for tacos on Tuesdays. This gourmet taco stand offers impressive outdoor seating. Complete with a grill to keep your senses heightened. They will keep your appetite on the lookout for more food. Make sure to take a look at the salsa bar. Featuring a rotating variety of fresh in-house salsas – made every day. Half-price margaritas help you wash down all of the fantastic flavor. Try all our combinations of tacos at La Santisimia. For shrimp lovers! Check out the Tiger Shrimp taco, featuring a delectable mix of east and west flavors.

Agave Mexican Restaurant

For traditional flavors and an authentic feel, head to Agave Mexican Restaurant. Featuring fresh food and stellar service. Agave Mexican Restaurant is a premier destination for Taco Tuesday in Flagstaff. The chips and salsa are made fresh with flavors you expect from authentic Mexican cuisine. This eatery is perfect for families who want to experience bright and lively dining in a traditional environment.

La Fonda Mexican Restaurant

Featuring a dazzling array of fresh margaritas and in-house salsa and chips. La Fonda is a great place to enjoy Taco Tuesday in Flagstaff. Have a bite and a drink amid a fun. Enjoy the relaxing environment. The lively atmosphere is the perfect place to unwind. Hacienda-style eating features delicious tacos with fresh ingredients. Which makes it a local favorite. La Fonda’s chefs have been perfecting their menu since 1958.

No matter which eatery you choose for your Taco Tuesday, know that in Flagstaff, you’re going to find precisely the taco for you.