3 Awesome Vacation Ideas in Arizona | Wander AZ

There’s so much to do in Arizona that it’s easy to find a variety of vacation ideas for every sort of traveler. From historic ghost towns to landscapes that offer the perfect adventure, Arizona is home to deserts, mountains, lakes, and a world of possibility in between. Vacation ideas in Arizona abound.

Havasu Falls, Fun in the Sun

An excellent vacation idea for those traveling to Arizona is to check out Havasu Falls. Located on the historic Havasupai Indian Reservation, the 100 foot Havasu Falls attraction features a forked fall that appears to be two streams of water. The pools at the base of Havasu offer cerulean green water, perfect for wading and having fun in the sun. Because day hiking is not allowed at Havasu, visitors need a permit and have to make reservations, making this an exclusive vacation idea for a trip to Arizona.

Bisbee, Art and Ghost Tours

For more vacation ideas in Arizona, travel to the southern part of the state and check out one of the best kept vacation ideas in the region. Bisbee is near the border of Mexico and, as a former mining town, offers plenty for the adventurous traveler to explore. The unique community is set high in the mountains and boasts an eclectic mix of residents. Many of the towns’ homes are only accessible via a long set of stairs that lead into the town center. When you’re looking for a quirky vacation idea in Arizona, think about adding Bisbee to your list.

Downtown Phoenix, Nightlife, Restaurants, and More!

If you’re looking for something indoors, consider checking out the vibrant history of Phoenix as part of your vacation ideas. Not only does downtown Phoenix offer a self-guided historical walking tour, but the city is also in the midst of a cultural Renaissance, making many a superb vacation idea for your next trip to Arizona.

No matter what vacation ideas you settle on when visiting this breathtakingly gorgeous state, you’re sure to find something to do in Arizona.